What a game!

Last night I sat and waited for the start of the Monday Night Football game (which started at 9 pm CST) there was rain, lightning, and wind galore. Other than the fact I am a ‘super’ fan of the NFL, but going into the game I was up 88 – 86 in my big fantasy football league (very large entry fee) with the other undefeated team, ‘Carl Hein’s Posse’ (CHP) we were both 4-0. My remaining players were Adrian Peterson, Braylon Edwards, and the Jets defense, while CHP had LT and Randy Moss. If you saw the game, it was clear my emotions were going up and down because the five players were going back and forth. AP only got 8 points on the board after coming off a 30 point game the week before. And LT was running like a freshman avoiding a ‘hazing’ party, while Randy made a 49 yd TD catch that dropped me 2 points behind CHP. Not to worry, my guys will come through and before I could end the sentence the Jets defense caused a turnover. Braylon had a couple of big yard catches, put me back in the lead. Here’s the good part, the Vikings get the ball back and Favre being Favre, threw an interception to Dwight Lowery who ran it back for a 26 yard TD that put me up by 12. Not getting excited because the Vikings got one last chance, Favre throws a ‘Hell Mary’ that was almost tipped to Moss in the end zone, which would have caused me to lose by 2. Da Rattlers Mofo’s is a league best 5-0.

What a game!


One response to “What a game!

  1. I was stunned watching that game, I figured as soon as Moss caught that bomb MoFo was done, but you got the team to beat this year, and I’m still waiting to hear…RESPECT!

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