Football weekend…

There are always events in one’s life that is going to be remembered forever, and this weekend will be right up there with the top ones. It started with a big rally in Madison, WI sponsored by a group called “Moving Wisconsin Forward” the rally consisted of about 2500 people. The annual “Farmers Market” event was going on nearby and that got the message out to more people than the organizers could have ever dream. Okay enough on that!

After taking my SUV over to our buddy’s Mike’s house, who had graciously agreed to allow the four of us to crash at his house and leave our vehicles there (we don’t drink & drive) and began our procession on yes the city bus to the campus area of the University of Wisconsin Badgers “playground!” We walk about a mile to get there (6.5 miles for the day, I wear a pedometer) and yes the place was ‘rocking!’

The organizer of the football weekend, Guido had some other pals coming in from as far as Sacramento, CA who flew into the Twin cities then drove to Madison. After having a few libations, actually several libations we made it Camp Randall, home of the Badgers. We had great seats sitting on the visitor’s side at the 35-yard line. Long story short the Badgers beat the number one college team in the nation 31-18. Packer pictures in the next post.


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