I Luv My BlackBerry

By not placing any of my thoughts on my blog in a few days, a video about BlackBerry Messenger prompted my post. One of the items modified for extreme use in the 21st century is the cell phone, in this case my BlackBerry Bold 9700. This is a 2nd generation for me, I had the 9000 and it rocked, but not like its upgraded version, the 9700. The sheer power of the unit gives me the feeling of having a ‘mini-mega’ computer connected to my belt.

I use it to make unlimited calls anywhere in America in my plan and a little extra if I call to some of the neighboring continents. Keeps my connection to my job by using things like email, documents, contacts, and calendar. My ‘social networking’ world is not neglected, with a battery of apps to keep me plugged in. However, the motivator for this post is this youtube clip about BlackBerry Messenger.

BlackBerry Messenger one small step for man, one giant step for mankind!


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