A week later…

Now that I have had a chance to reflect the situation ahead after last week’s trouncing of the Dems across the nation and try to put it in some type of  perspective. The Dems in my opinion blew a golden opportunity by not seizing control of the agenda, when they gained control of all three branches of the federal government and work together to move it. Well, that chance of fate has fallen by the wayside! I’m not complaining about the make-up of our party, but I do have concerns when the health care debate was raging, Dems were some of the biggest opponents on passage. Blanche Lincoln, (the only Dem loss that didn’t faze me) really should have removed the D from her category.

With less than 24 hours into the land-slide victory in the House, the GOP began their assault, attacking the health care, the President’s re-election, tax cuts for the top 2%, and yes nuclear war with Iran. Folks, this is what’s called an ‘agenda.’ I cannot understand why the Dems could not get their act together, come up with an agenda that everyone in the party could buy into, and then move it. It is that simple, but no we got the ‘corporate’ lovers, health insurance lovers, oil lovers, and the likes, while the GOP is 1/3rd of the way of being back in FULL control.

I feel worst about the elections of last week, than losing my own bid for president in my own. Terrible!

Think about the last ten years as a whole, and then look at the last two! Check this website that talks about the accomplishments of this administration: http://whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar.com/ And don’t lose sight of the mission ahead, moving America forward!


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