Giving thanks!

As I sit here with the smells of this day floating throughout the house, it seems only fitting to share some of the things, I am thankful:

  • My health – very good
  • My family – Tonya, Yolanda, Stacey, and Tim (children)
  • My friends – too many to list (that’s a good thing)
  • My job – having one is thanks enough
  • My President – even more so when he takes off the boxing gloves
  • My country – no matter how you look at it, still the greatest in the world

I would also like to send a word of encouragement to the Detroit Lions, with such a bad winning record over the years it is hard for me to admit that I am a fan, but Lions you are on the verge of losing your Thanksgiving Day game. Therefore, I am pleading with you to win today’s football game versus the Patriots and silence the naysayers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey w/ fixins




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