Week 14 NFL Picks

I will include spreads, my picks are head-to-head:

Browns (+1) over Bills (battle of the first round draft pick)

Pack (-6.5) over Lions (would love the upset)

Steelers (-8.5) over Bengals ( too many weapons on both sides of the ball)

Raiders (+3.5) over Jags (now that they have Jason running things, playoffs)

Falcons (-7.5) over Panthers (second or third pick in the draft)

Buccaneers (-1) over Redskins (if I were a betting man, this would be a ‘you’ pick em)

Saints (-9) over Rams (looking better, but the Super Bowl champs will get er done!)

49ers (-5) over Seahawks (more sentimental than substance)

Patriots (-3) over Bears (Brady too much for the monster of the midway)

Jets (-5) over Dolphins (Jets have to bounce back over last Monday’s debacle)

Broncos (-4) over Cards (qb issues are still haunting the team)

Chargers (+9) over Chiefs (playoff hopes on the line for the Bolts, big win)

Eagles (-3.5) over Cowboys (in a word, Vick)

Vikings (+3) over Giants (not feeling big apple this year)

Ravens (-3) over Texans (big teams play big games)

Look for my weekly post for the rest of the season!

Very Big Game in the Midway!

[thanks to http://www.baseballrealitytour.com for image]


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