Right to Organize…

After watching eight plus days of the people of Egypt presenting how to organize behind a cause, to you purist, it’s “issue organizing.” To watch all of the different media coverage of all (most) of the events going on was amazing. Looking at the mass of people gathering Tahrir Square, some praying, some people (tagged as) Christian onlookers, to some just violating the curfew in protest of the Mubarak government.        

The demonstrations were against just that premise, Mubarak’s government, what it seems like to me, is that ‘ A Free Democratic’ process is catching on, Globally. No longer will presidents serve 30 years! Wait, 3 decades can you imagine that for a career…

I must say I am impressed by the Obama administration handling of this crisis realizing how critical a “smooth” transition is to the United States. Stability in Egypt and the Middle East for that matter was the central theme in the President address this evening.

However, I want to turn the focus back on the strong, determined men and women of Egypt. As I watched several hours, days of the protests, I couldn’t help but highlight how well organized they are. Even after the Mubarak shot-down assess to the internet, cell phones and yes Twitter, Facebook! Now, you’re treading on thin ice, preventing people to utilize their rights to communicate freely.

There needs to be a huge shout-out to the ‘organizers’ of the many events and the capacity that each one of them showed. And the Egyptian Army for demonstrating restraint against its own people. Well done!

Now, I sit here listening to the newly elected governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker talking about nothing but doom and gloom on the economic conditions ahead. Nothing good! People in Wisconsin need to focus on staying above the fray and reaching out to our neighbors, members of our churches, supermarket pals, you name it. This will allow us to fight and address our concerns of threats of cuts of benefit, raising the pension cost, raising premiums on health care, to save jobs. Let’s get ORGANIZED!

Is this what you wanted in November? Ask yourself!



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