Let the Devastation Begin…Cuts to Salaries / Benefits for Public Employees

Not even six (6) weeks in office Governor Scott Walker has announced his ‘budget repair’ bill to help BALANCE the state of Wisconsin’s budget. Well, just like all of the ‘fiscally’ responsible jargon comes the cuts impacting the ones who can least afford reductions in salary and benefits, working MEN and WOMEN!

Here is the analysis of the budget repair bill or ‘the bill to hurt more people bill’ although it is not included in this report, but the actual details of it starts with a 5% pay cut to public employees. This will include all educational employees, state / local workers would be impacted immediately.


As I sit here looking at the jubilation of the Egyptian people at the announcement of Mubarak stepping down using peaceful means to achieve such a major victory, overturning a dictator. We will have to garner that same energy and vigor to fight off our own battle with people that don’t have our best interest in mind. The time to stand-up is NOW!

In a  letter / memo to the state employees Gov. Walker announced their standard of life was about to take a major hit, but we appreciate the quality of work to continue.

Being a person who appreciates ‘organizers’ I look at this as an opportunity to engage our members. Making sure that the quality of learning is not diminished by radical agendas that lurk in every locality in our area.

This plan must be STOP!


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