Mis-step in the National plan…

Looking at what’s been taking place here in Wisconsin, has given me an opportunity to see the entire event up close and personal. As I have watched the orderly display of democracy continues to energize me, and the thousands that braved the snow and sub-zero degree weather to demonstrate solidarity against an attack on the middle class.

And this seems to be the ‘quiet’ question that everyone is asking, where is the man that said he would put on his comfortable shoes and walk with… let’s watch the comments first hand:

It’s time to get the ‘comfortable shoes’ out Mr. President!

The mis-step that I mention in the the title is, the national plan by the GOP was to go after Unions but they mis-calculated the number of Republicans that belongs to unions.

Today was a beautiful thing to be a part of and the energy felt from men and women from Wisconsin and yes other states, countries, you name it, came together in support of collective bargaining. Folks we are a United States of America, we are a ‘Union!’


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