I cannot begin to tell how infuriating it is to have lawmakers break the law. Yesterday about 4:30pm an email came out that the flawed budget repair bill, the portion that destroys collective bargaining rights in this state had been published by ( Wisconsin Union Law Published Despite Court Order.) the Legislative Reference Bureau. This comes after Judge Sumi had placed a ‘Temporary Restraining Order” on publication of the bill.

It is not clear who put the pressure on the Bureau, but whoever is responsible should be looking at doing a little jail time. If it were any other citizen that ‘broke’ the law, it would be without a doubt, jail time would be in that person(s) future. I have several friends that are attorneys and none of which can remember having a class or seminar that explained that the GOPs are above the law.

This action is despicable! Leaders of any state, city, or country for that matter should never behave in this fashion. Scott Walker you are making every one of us in this state look and feel like a bunch of criminals. You should resign and save us the trouble of recalling your lawless disregarding self from office.Collective bargaining law published despite restraining order – JSOnline.

Scottie I know this chant is giving you nightmares, “Recall Walker!”

Scott Walker's biggest nightmare that money can't save...Recall


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