Thoughts of ‘What Democracy Looks Like’

Yesterday I had the opportunity to hear Rep. Fred Clark announce his candidacy for Senator in the 14th district in Wisconsin. The announcement was made in the Veterans Memorial building in a tiny community called Baraboo. As I approach the building there was 4 or 5 Olsen supporters with a little girl holding a sign. My thoughts went to the time of day and question to myself, ‘why is that little girl not in school, its 12 noon?’ Walk passed, giving a slight nod as I headed into the building, where I overheard a gentleman saying, “they should have chosen a different facility, that space can’t hold all those people!”

Walking up to the second floor where the announcement was going to occur, I could see about 20 people standing in the hallway screaming they support Olsen. A man was shouting ‘communist’ & ‘union’ in the same sentence, he was so angry that I had to intervene and ask the Clark worker to not stoop to the level of the antagonist. He later thanked me for bringing him back to reality, winning the senate seat in the 14th for Fred Clark.

My thoughts to write this blog today, is the hostile, violent nature the Olsen supporters were exuding. You could feel the sting of every comment, like the ‘recall’ process in this state was ‘un-American.’ It would be a safe bet that if the situation were reversed the tone from that group would be more harmonious. To those people who clearly don’t have a clue of what’s happening to them by their own party, you just need to look at a ‘summary’ of what is contained in the build, over and beyond the ‘collective bargaining’ stripping portions and you will see this bill is ‘bad’ for Wisconsin. No matter what political persuasion you are.

As I was leaving the event, two women were talking behind me, one said to the other, “this governor sure has divided our state!” I would second that emotion!

Here are some photos from the event:


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