Wisconsin the day after

A very thorough summation of the state of mind of progressives, the day after the recall elections in Wisconsin. As I have done in the past by highlighting a great member from the world of bloggers / activists. Here is Bluecheddar from Madison, Wisconsin —  Wisconsin the day after

I would further add to this piece the victories by the Dems in winning senate district’s 18, 32 which are clearly republican strongholds in the state of Wisconsin. Jessica King and Jennifer Schilling my hat’s off to you our newly elected senators.

 Defending Holprein – SD-12 and Wirch, SD-22 is the next phase in our efforts.


Conservative Corporate Advocacy Group ALEC Behind Voter Disenfranchisement Efforts – Campus Progress

It has become abundantly clear who and what is the mindset behind not only the Voter ID strategies, but union-busting and the likes. Conservative Corporate Advocacy Group ALEC Behind Voter Disenfranchisement Efforts – Campus Progress.

There is also a resource ALEC-Exposed that goes into depth about the plans of this group, working on legislation across this country on a variety of areas and with the Murdoch ‘tap-tap’ could be global. 

People this is a plea for you to wake-up, this country is under attack and it is not only from a group of radicals from abroad, but it right here in our own government. The gop / tea party is so set on seeing that President Obama fails, that they would let the country go into default in order to make it happen. Minority leader McConnell claimed that the President would be a one-termer.And the debt ceiling stalemate is part of that great plan. Remember: this is the party that ran on ‘jobs’ in 2010, has there been any bills introduced that will create jobs? None!

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not happy with the way the President is running his part of the government. But, I would not want to fathom what things would be looking like if it were President McCain.

ALEC: The Voice of Corporate Special Interests In State Legislatures | People For the American Way

ALEC: The Voice of Corporate Special Interests In State Legislatures | People For the American Way.

It has come to the surface, the true brain-trust has been exposed. Yes, ALEC a group that has been in existence since the early ’70 has a huge plan that is happening every day. It is a recommended bookmark, favorite you name it, but you will want to get in action to fight this massive bliss that we are currently facing. This is not a video, you can pick the area of your choice a read with amazement.

In a great article, Synecdoche Wisconsin by Bo Winegard a student at Grand Valley State University, planning his graduate work at Florida State University and study social psychology. Glance at ‘the voice’, then get a good grasp of how this ‘phenomenon’ all has evolved, just think a 41 year project in the making… He gives a very thorough accounting of the evolution of the ‘neoliberalism’ movement. 

Let’s come together America! 

It\’s Class Warfare As The Rich Gets Richer – Keith Balmer: The Dark Prince of Satire

I am happy to feature Brother Keith Balmer’s reflections on the state of America today. A very good read!!! It\’s Class Warfare As The Rich Gets Richer – Keith Balmer: The Dark Prince of Satire.

Daily Kos: Why Wisconsin poses such a serious threat to Republicans

Daily Kos: Why Wisconsin poses such a serious threat to Republicans.

The problem with that premise, Wisconsinites are fighting on with this one. Why? Because this state was founded on the rights of its peoples, thousands are gathering all over this state to express their own concerns about the budget bill, Walker is trying to pass.

I’ve watched men, women, children, and babies in strollers peacefully demonstrate the negative impact passage of this bill would have. $900 million dollars slated for in additional cuts to education across the state, when did children become a problem in this great nation. We should be working hard to expand the opportunities for our future generations.

A republican takeover will not come easy…

Great article, which will go more into detail on the mis-step of the republican party in Wisconsin!




Let the Devastation Begin…Cuts to Salaries / Benefits for Public Employees

Not even six (6) weeks in office Governor Scott Walker has announced his ‘budget repair’ bill to help BALANCE the state of Wisconsin’s budget. Well, just like all of the ‘fiscally’ responsible jargon comes the cuts impacting the ones who can least afford reductions in salary and benefits, working MEN and WOMEN!

Here is the analysis of the budget repair bill or ‘the bill to hurt more people bill’ although it is not included in this report, but the actual details of it starts with a 5% pay cut to public employees. This will include all educational employees, state / local workers would be impacted immediately.


As I sit here looking at the jubilation of the Egyptian people at the announcement of Mubarak stepping down using peaceful means to achieve such a major victory, overturning a dictator. We will have to garner that same energy and vigor to fight off our own battle with people that don’t have our best interest in mind. The time to stand-up is NOW!

In a  letter / memo to the state employees Gov. Walker announced their standard of life was about to take a major hit, but we appreciate the quality of work to continue.

Being a person who appreciates ‘organizers’ I look at this as an opportunity to engage our members. Making sure that the quality of learning is not diminished by radical agendas that lurk in every locality in our area.

This plan must be STOP!

Violence is Not the Answer

This is a ‘must’ watch video because it has points in it that each and every American should listen to and drop ‘violence’ as a remedy to any discourse we have. Settling differences that leads to the tragedy of yesterday clearly is not an option! Our political discourse is one thing, but at no time does ‘violence’ towards you enters my mind. I will get your butt at the ‘ballot’ box or not as we saw in the 2010 elections.

My point here folks is I do not want to hurt you and if you adopt that mindset, we can eliminate what occurred yesterday in Tuscon.

Watch the video, please:

Olbermann: Violence and threats have no place in democracy
In the aftermath of the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., Countdown’s Keith Olbermann reminds Americans that “violence, or the threat of violence, has no place in our democracy.”