The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries –

I don’t agree with the comments about our men & women in the military being lazy…, however the rest of the piece is very intriguing, the fact that the current day salaries of teachers have them priced out of 32 metropolitan cities in America of home ownership. Good read!  The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries – NYTimes.comDAVE EGGERS and NÍNIVE CLEMENTS CALEGARI


Daily Kos: Why Wisconsin poses such a serious threat to Republicans

Daily Kos: Why Wisconsin poses such a serious threat to Republicans.

The problem with that premise, Wisconsinites are fighting on with this one. Why? Because this state was founded on the rights of its peoples, thousands are gathering all over this state to express their own concerns about the budget bill, Walker is trying to pass.

I’ve watched men, women, children, and babies in strollers peacefully demonstrate the negative impact passage of this bill would have. $900 million dollars slated for in additional cuts to education across the state, when did children become a problem in this great nation. We should be working hard to expand the opportunities for our future generations.

A republican takeover will not come easy…

Great article, which will go more into detail on the mis-step of the republican party in Wisconsin!




Why Pay-freezes are not cure all to right the ship!

I am very disappointed in this move by the Obama Administration; it is clearly a major setback for unions across this country. When a ‘pay-freeze’ is imposed, employees will never regain the losses in their wages. Employee’s future earnings will be wiped out in future years, because of the freeze. From the day the ‘pay-freezes’ goes into effect, will be the day employers will use this action as a blueprint to deny employees wage increases and reap all the profits. That is totatlly unfair! Whoever the person is that is advising the President, must be in the hip pocket of businesses near & far!

My problem with this action it points to another area the ‘middle class’ that is being impacted negatively by this Administration.  While the top 2% have republican Senators in negotiations with the President to extend the tax cuts. Not feeling it, not likening it, not supporting it at all! You know as I write this piece, I recall hearing on MSNBC by one of the pundits talking about a two or 3-year extension for the top 2% is pretty much all the President can do to reach a deal, that is totally absurd. I say, the hell with a deal cut the damn taxes for the rich. If you do not make these tax cuts on the rich, the country has to borrow more money from China and that further exacerbates the problem even further.

It really is time to stand up Mr. President, if you think the Dems took a shellacking on November 2 that will be nothing compared to 2012.

Locked down on wages

Wrong group penalized

A week later…

Now that I have had a chance to reflect the situation ahead after last week’s trouncing of the Dems across the nation and try to put it in some type of  perspective. The Dems in my opinion blew a golden opportunity by not seizing control of the agenda, when they gained control of all three branches of the federal government and work together to move it. Well, that chance of fate has fallen by the wayside! I’m not complaining about the make-up of our party, but I do have concerns when the health care debate was raging, Dems were some of the biggest opponents on passage. Blanche Lincoln, (the only Dem loss that didn’t faze me) really should have removed the D from her category.

With less than 24 hours into the land-slide victory in the House, the GOP began their assault, attacking the health care, the President’s re-election, tax cuts for the top 2%, and yes nuclear war with Iran. Folks, this is what’s called an ‘agenda.’ I cannot understand why the Dems could not get their act together, come up with an agenda that everyone in the party could buy into, and then move it. It is that simple, but no we got the ‘corporate’ lovers, health insurance lovers, oil lovers, and the likes, while the GOP is 1/3rd of the way of being back in FULL control.

I feel worst about the elections of last week, than losing my own bid for president in my own. Terrible!

Think about the last ten years as a whole, and then look at the last two! Check this website that talks about the accomplishments of this administration: And don’t lose sight of the mission ahead, moving America forward!

Thinking about Election 2010

You know listening to the political pundits it appears that the public sentiment for the current leadership has changed in at right around 20 months. They point at the high unemployment, economy not getting better faster, the war in Afghanistan, the completion of the one in Iraq. The list is long, so I will stop there.

Last Wednesday watching MSNBC and the Chris Matthews “Hardball” was coming on, he mentioned his closing was going to address things that are not being said about the current administration, not even from the White House. It had such a compelling impact on the ‘truth’ I added it for your viewing intake:

Thanks Chris