Wisconsin the day after

A very thorough summation of the state of mind of progressives, the day after the recall elections in Wisconsin. As I have done in the past by highlighting a great member from the world of bloggers / activists. Here is Bluecheddar from Madison, Wisconsin —  Wisconsin the day after

I would further add to this piece the victories by the Dems in winning senate district’s 18, 32 which are clearly republican strongholds in the state of Wisconsin. Jessica King and Jennifer Schilling my hat’s off to you our newly elected senators.

 Defending Holprein – SD-12 and Wirch, SD-22 is the next phase in our efforts.


A Different side…

You may not know this, Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage died last week in a car accident. I guess my energy in writing a piece on Macho Man, is the great love my son had for his character with the now changed World Wrestling Federation (WWF), which was forced to change the name to WWE.

However this is about Macho Man and his many battles during those days. My son and I would get up on Saturday mornings, get our breakfast out of the way, so there would not be any interruptions to what was about to take place at 10:00am est. The WWF featuring on most Saturdays at the time, Macho Man going against some mean mother..’shut your mouth’ opponents. From the strange relationship he had with Ric Flair, who later took Macho’s main squeeze the lovely Elizabeth, to his death-defying battles the Jake the Snake Roberts, the Undertaker, some of the toughest desperadoes in wrestling.

Macho Man’s public hatred of the legend of pro-wrestling, Hulk Hogan launch Randy to the pinnacle of his career. The dislike of each wrestler was made clear by the refusal to shake each other’s hand, when it finally happened the duo became partners for several years thereafter. Great stuff!

As you can see, I enjoyed the Saturday morning wrestling just as much or if not more than my seven (7) year old son. To learn on Friday that Macho Man had died in a car crash, gave me reason to take pause and reflect on those Saturday’s with my son. Those truly were special times, with my son, now a junior in college, which makes Saturday mornings together a thing of the past.

Here’s a “Oooh yeah!” for you! Thanks for the memories & RIP my Saturday morning hero…

ALEC: The Voice of Corporate Special Interests In State Legislatures | People For the American Way

ALEC: The Voice of Corporate Special Interests In State Legislatures | People For the American Way.

It has come to the surface, the true brain-trust has been exposed. Yes, ALEC a group that has been in existence since the early ’70 has a huge plan that is happening every day. It is a recommended bookmark, favorite you name it, but you will want to get in action to fight this massive bliss that we are currently facing. This is not a video, you can pick the area of your choice a read with amazement.

In a great article, Synecdoche Wisconsin by Bo Winegard a student at Grand Valley State University, planning his graduate work at Florida State University and study social psychology. Glance at ‘the voice’, then get a good grasp of how this ‘phenomenon’ all has evolved, just think a 41 year project in the making… He gives a very thorough accounting of the evolution of the ‘neoliberalism’ movement. 

Let’s come together America! 

Reports of the Fab 14 returning to WI played heavy on my heart…

Looking through my Twitter feed (@Sparty1216) where a post stated that the fourteen (14) Democrats were going to return to Wisconsin, pretty much guaranteeing passage of the ‘budget repair fix’ bill. Once again the gamesmanship backfired on scott walker, after he held a press conference (which seems to be more in the later days) throwing Senator Miller under the bus, by calling this letter ‘ridiculous!’ This governor does not have the skills to run a great state like Wisconsin, I have spoke with a lot of voters who vote for Walker, each one asking for forgiveness… Welcome back, brothers & sisters!     #WIsolidarity

Standing strong with the Fab 14

Mis-step in the National plan…

Looking at what’s been taking place here in Wisconsin, has given me an opportunity to see the entire event up close and personal. As I have watched the orderly display of democracy continues to energize me, and the thousands that braved the snow and sub-zero degree weather to demonstrate solidarity against an attack on the middle class.

And this seems to be the ‘quiet’ question that everyone is asking, where is the man that said he would put on his comfortable shoes and walk with… let’s watch the comments first hand:

It’s time to get the ‘comfortable shoes’ out Mr. President!

The mis-step that I mention in the the title is, the national plan by the GOP was to go after Unions but they mis-calculated the number of Republicans that belongs to unions.

Today was a beautiful thing to be a part of and the energy felt from men and women from Wisconsin and yes other states, countries, you name it, came together in support of collective bargaining. Folks we are a United States of America, we are a ‘Union!’