Events Leading up to the Labor Day Parade – Wausau, WI…

You really have to stop and ask yourself ‘why?’ Why would anyone want to participate in a parade, when they go over and beyond what your worst enemy would do to you the other 364 days out of the year? Well, meet the repugs of Marathon County; I’m not going to name them in this post ( Whining like some spoiled brats (in adult form) because the members of the Marathon County Labor Council, along with their president Randy Radtke made the decision not to allow the gop to march in this year’s parade. Although I had cheers for this decision, I also have jeers for the future action on this issue by Randy and the council, which I will discuss later in this post.

Now think about this, you are the president of the county ‘labor’ council who for decades has been the lead organizers for the event. Making the decision to stand-up for the working men & women in the county and the state, it immediately went national. Yes the media was eating this stand-off up in huge chunks, the ‘working-class’ was showing some courage after being pummeled all year. In fact, every since February 11, 2011 when the details of the so-called ‘budget -repair bill’ was released, labor in Wisconsin has been on the defensive. Voluntary concession were made by all public sector unions, including the educational community which consists of teachers, support staff, higher education faculty / staff, etc., just to keep collective bargaining for the ‘working class.’  The operatives of ALEC had won! Collective Bargaining the way Wisconsinites had known it for over 50 years was gone.

However, I am going to take us ‘back-to-the-future’ on Monday, September 5, 2011 the Marathon County Labor Day Parade will have republican legislatures marching among supporters of labor. It amazes it me to think that so many people see the Labor Day holiday, as a day to celebrate the end of summer. People you are wrong, totally wrong! Many years of blood, sweat, and tears has been shed for this day to celebrate labor.

After the president of the Marathon County Labor Council announced that the republicans would not be allowed to participate in the parade, the labor movement felt a ‘momentary’ surge of power. However, the pressure placed on Randy and his family, the council withdrew their decision to prevent the republican right-wing nut jobs in the parade. Mayor Tipple’s threat to withdraw logistical support like police, stage set-up, and audio equipment added to the decision. I really believe that labor organization across the globe would have contributed to the cost, if only the council had reached out to its brothers and sister in and out of the labor movement.

Although, I am pissed off about the change of mind to allow these nut jobs to march in the parade, I have to applaud Randy for not dragging the community, school bands, and closet supporters into making the tough decision to participate or not. Nevertheless, I will be in attendance at the parade, not sure if I will go with the strategy being floated around of turning my back to the right-wing nut jobs or wearing ‘brown bag’ like the fans use to do for the hapless Saints back in the day or what.

I salute the men and women of labor, professional, non-professional, hourly, salary, full-time and part-time for your contributions to the labor movement and the many benefits we all enjoy around the world. You rock!

Happy Labor Day!